mardi 17 juillet 2012


On Ash
Hair : >TRUTH< Georgina -  light blondes
Earrings : [EY:NO] Summer Earrings (Rainbow vers.)
Tongue : -RC- Twisted Tongue - Curled up & Right (boxed)
Necklace :  [EY:NO] Filigran String Necklace (silver)
Rings : [EY:NO] Filigran Rings (silver)
Nails : [ :)(: PIXELFASHION MainShop ] NAILS Collection AA
Top : [Decoy] Ella Swimsuit - White for Fifty Linden Friday
Skirt : L`Exception- Pleated Mini- Sandblasted
Shoes : " MAAI "-" Sugar " buckled heels, 18 socks options, peach for Lazy Sunday

On Morgane 
Hair : vive9 - Poland Highlander Bun in Blonde DirtyBlonde
Headband: BooN - Velvet bow Headband SYURI black
MakeUp: La malvada Mujer - Bubbles Plastic#4
Lipstick: Huit - CUTIE 01
Earring: Ryca Jewelry - HOX Silver/Black
Necklace : Jamman Jewels&Accessoiries - Tourcou M
Nails : [ :)(: PIXELFASHION MainShop ] NAILS Collection AA
Jacket : Villena - Layered Vest # 7
Pants: Villena - Skinny Pants Grey Cotton
Shoes: Pixel mode - Baby T's Black

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